Nature and Flight


Flight of the Maple Seed

Inspired by the evolution of aeronautics in nature, Spiral Dynamics: Flight of the Maple Seed mimics the captivating spiral flight path of a falling winged seed. This large-scale kinetic steel sculpture is based on the shape and design of a real maple seed. To illustrate the origins of this design and flight path, real seeds are encased in an accompanying wind-activated seed chamber. Each seed wing reflects the spiral pattern that emerges when a seed takes flight, referencing biomimicry used in early aviation.

The large-scale kinetic aluminum sculpture is composed of seventeen seeds measuring sixteen times the size of a real maple seed, mounted to a central rotating axis. Each seed wing is positioned in the exact spiral pattern that emerges when a seed takes flight, referencing the biomimicry of early aviation. This sculpture measures 5.25’ x 5.25’ x 20’ complete with a reflective chrome finish, reflecting the surrounding environment in within each wing.

Interactive simulation

To engage the public to learn more about Spiral Dynamics: Flight of the Maple Seed, we have created a white laminated pedestal with a fan accessory to activate real seeds in flight within an acrylic case. This will reveal the spiral motion of winged seeds to reference the concept and design of the kinetic sculpture.

Inspiration and location

Relativity Space

Relativity Space is an American aerospace manufacturing company headquartered in Los Angeles. It is building the first autonomous rocket factory and launch services for satellites.

Making of Spiral Dynamics