The future of humanity transcends the boundaries of Earth and beyond

Beyond Earth is an all-female international transdisciplinary artist collective. Our mission is to explore the frontiers of art, space, and biology through space-bound artworks. Such projects co-create with space, explore planetary themes and expand possibilities of artistic expression beyond Earth. We utilize scientific and artistic research to create and deploy artworks in space. We aim to uncover the vastness of creativity to represent a plurality of perspectives in space and envision the future of Earth. As artists, we believe that the sky is not the limit and creativity is boundless, accelerating culture and vision that transcends us.

We believe that the future of humanity expands the boundaries of Earth and beyond. Our global initiatives allow individuals, companies, and organizations to connect and explore together — advances our notion of space and our home planet.



Scientific and artistic research to create and deploy artworks and projects in space, inspired by biology on Earth


Experimentation and development of artworks and prototypes in space that incorporates biological mechanism, form, and concept


Launch and deployment of artworks, prototypes, and creative projects into space

Exploring new frontiers of art, space, and biology

Learning from nature

Co-creating with space

Our Team


Director of Space Programs

Richelle Gribble is an artist and Director of SUPERCOLLIDER, a gallery specializing in space art.

Los Angeles USA


Director of Creative Production

Elena Soterakis is an artist and director of BioBAT Art Space, a gallery specialising in  biology and art. 

New York USA


Artist / biochemistry researcher
Director of Technology and Design

Yoko Shimizu is a key researcher and artist at the Ars Electronica Futurelab, managing creative projects for corporations worldwide.
Linz Austria / Tokyo Japan

Our Collaborators

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